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Jul 22, 2010 at 04:36 PM

CRVS2010 Beta - Crystal Reports Visual Studio & Upgrades



I have searched far and wide for a clear answer to this question, so apologies in advance if I've overlooked something within these forums.

I will gladly accept "re-directs" if someone recognize this question to have already been asked elsewhere.

That said...

I have inherited a legacy application originally developed in Visual Studio 2003 .net and using the embedded Crystal Reports engine and dll's released with that version.

Since then the support for the application "suspended" and it went into the archives.

Re-sumed support this month and we've pulled out the current code.

Would like to upgrade to VS2010 as the IDE, but finding the local run environment is tied to the expectation of a directory "held-over" from the IDE.

2003 .net installs a directory c:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Reports where in the local run-time environment can reference the CReports version and populate the reports.

Started with attempting to upgrade to VS 2K5, but found that c:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Reports had changed to c:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects and that the .dlls from the original development were not present.

Attempts to work with VS 2010 Ultimate are not much more successful. Now it appears that even with the CReports beta add-in there is NO Business Objects directory in Common Files to reference.

I'm just inexperienced enough to suspect there is a method to update the version referencing I am overlooking, but to this point I am not finding it.

Have tried deleting the original .dll's from the project and re-adding through the studio but either that is the wrong method or I am completing that incorrectly.

Can anyone advise or direct me to guidance as to how Business Objects intended app's developed in to be supported in the later versions?

Thanks in advance for all input!

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