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Jul 22, 2010 at 04:07 PM



I have spent hours reading through the POSTS, but I did not find my answer.

I have done PGI against an Outbound Delivery for a Customer Order.

That Outbound Delivery was properly packed before being PGI.

Now I want to reverseit AND RECEIVE THAT STOCK IN MY HUM warehouse.

I do VL09 and it works fine.

The material from that Outbound Delivery is now sitting in my Goods Issue Storage Type (912).

QUESTION : I was expecting an Inbound Delivery to be created which would allow me to pack these materials into HUs before moving them back into my warehouse. But no Outbound Delivery was created when VL09 was executed.

Is it a configuration issue? If so, what do I have to configure so that an Inbound Delivery will be created automatically on VL09 executon?

If that is not possible, Do I have to manually create the HUs required, Pack them and move them back into my HUM warehouse?

Which transactions would you then recommend?

INFORMATION : When I do MB1A to bring material back into my HUM warehouse, an Inbound Delivery gets created automatically.

I thank everyone for helping me.