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Jul 22, 2010 at 03:47 PM

How to list all reports with details for when it was last run by whom?


Hi, Expert:

We are running BW3.5. I need to create a report to get a list of all reports (including queries, workbook, web report) with the details of on which day was the report last executed and which user ran it.

Is there any report in bussiness contact provide this information?

I was tring of using statistic cube 0BWTC_C02. Is it the right cube to use?

I was setting up filter by characteristics "Process Type OLAP" including only values of "Execute Query/Navigation Step" and "Query in WWW", also by characteristics "Object Version" including only value of "Active". Will these filter get correct data?

Can someone please tell me what the following date/time fields mean? e.g. when it is executed, changed, data captured?

Key Figure: "Start Date"

Characteristics: "Calendar Day"

Characteristics: "UTC Timestamp"