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Jul 22, 2010 at 08:45 AM

Duplicate records for Sale Order Cycle Report(excluding item level detail)


I have posted this issue in number of forums but till today no one is able to answer it correctly.Here it is:

I need to create a report which I think most of the sd consultants have also done it.It basically covers sales order cycle without item lvel detail such as:

Sale Order No -- Sales Order Date-- Delivery No-- Delivery Date

Now as we all know ,sales orders and deliveries are connected through item table which means in the output I will get duplicate rows for the report above.For Example, if a sales order share 3 items with the delivery then we will get 3 exact duplicate rows in the report.

What can be the best solution?connecting through VBFA has alos same result as it also has item level details.

I need a good solution.This a common report and there must be some solution