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Jul 22, 2010 at 07:25 AM



Hi All,

If anybody can give me some input that would be great help for me.

Presently the planning is happening by Extracting Flat file by using some zprogramme, this Zprogramme has restrictions

like based on companycode it has Sales offices and it extracting the same is loading to cube , this will be the

plan data for sales office according to the Division.

In the planning layout the aggregated sales office Plan data will get by this process by seeing this values and quantities for particular office and Division,

the ZBH will input the plan data for all the emloyees with in his office.

Now the requirement is

the sales planning is to be for 3 levels mentioned below as of now instead of 2 levels.

1 Sales head ( North & East ) or Sales Head ( west & South ) will put targets for respective

ZBH reporting to them.

2 All ZBH will enter targets of BOH

3 All BOH will enter targets of BM (Instead of BM it will be ASM/ASE/SO as on date)

4 All BM will enter targets of ASM. (Not applicable as of date due to no BM concept)