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Jul 22, 2010 at 06:12 AM

Availability Check Control for overdue Purcahse orders


Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement for AvCheck. I have used the AvChk with RLT (10 days), only future receipts and Including the ship notifications. This is my OVZ9 seeting for "A" sales order. The material is external; procurement with Lead times maintained in Mat Master.

1) When I create a sales order on 22 July, I get a confirmation date based on the RLT say for ex on 1 Aug .

2) Next I create a PO based on the requirement (MD02/MD04).

3) I receive a shipnotification for the above PO say on 28 July and accordingly the MD04 ias updated

4) My next rescheduling job (V_V2) runs in the night and reschedules the confirmation date for the Sr.No1 Sales order on 29 July which is based on the PO ship notofication (As per the OVZ9 settings)

Till this everything is working fine

Now say we are on 28 July and the vendor does not supply the material and the PO becomes overdue on 29 July.

The next V_V2 job on 29 July again rescedules my Sr.No 1 sales order to 29 July + 10 days(RLT) as there are no physical stocks intake bcoz of the vendor fault. (and also the OVZ9 setting considers only future receipts)

The business requirement in such cases the sales order should only be recheduled to 29 July + 2/3 days and should not consider the RLT (The default vendor then supplies the mat within next 2/3 days).

I tried with various OVZ9 combinations but not able achieve the desired result

I am sure the same business scenario might be prevailing in lot of other industries too..

Kindly suggest a solution (preferably using the standard SAP)