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Jul 22, 2010 at 05:55 AM

Payment (f110) of IDOCs spliting into batches and move to folder in al11


I am working with a senario where in I need to trigger an payment proposal from F110 with reference of Document

Stettings which I have done

Posting Date : 22.07.2010

Docs entered up to :22.07.2010

Customer items due by : 22.10.2010

Company Code : 8000

Payment Method : RG

Vendor : A321

In Free Selection

The Document Number :

I Have not selected any logtypes in Addtional Log

Printout/Data Medium

Programs : ZFIR_RFFOEDI1

I have not selected any program for List

after creating payment I'm Apporving through ZAP1 (<50000) and ZAP2( >50000) tcodes after arroval its geneating the idocs , ican see in we02/we05

after that in AL11 directoty in that under intermediate path '/usr/sap/DEV/interface/scbpayment/intermediate/'

if I'm creating payment 20 at the same time some of ZAP1 and ZAP2 combines all the idocs i need to separate them in intermediate folder.

and i created paths in AL11



but nt coming into this folder how can i change into this folders after approval ZAP1 & ZAP2.