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Jul 22, 2010 at 05:11 AM

How to Cross Check Migrated Data through EMIGALL


Hello Guys,

Plz give me the best way to cross check the migrated data having one to many relations. Here below is one such case.

Our client has number of premises on a Connection object.

We are using a unique legacy key for a connection object and legacy customer number as legacy key for premise.

Using KSM I am linking PREMISE and CONNECTION OBJECT. For example, in the flat file I am linking as showing below.

PR10001 -


PR10002 -


PR10003 -


Now, the problem is how to cross check this relation without using EVBS table that the for the the 3 legacy premises the same legacy connection object is used in one go.

In TEMKSV table we can see just OLDKEY and NEWKEY for an object say either CONNECTIONOBJECT or PREMISE. There is no relation.

Similary with the case if a Business Partner has Multiple Contract Accounts, OPEN ITEMS.

In short, my question is how do we cross check the all the legacy data with SAP-ISU Data after migration.


Vijay Kumar