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Jul 22, 2010 at 04:52 AM

Smartforms table: how to fix the number of rows to be display in the table.



I´m having problems with a smartform. I have defined a window with 7 cm high. Then I have define a table to print the content of a table.

I'm using the header, the main area, and the footer. It seems to be ok. But the main area is sizeble. I mean, that if in the table has 2 records, it dispaly the 2 records and inmediatly display the footer. It probably use only 3 cm of the 7 cm defined for the high of the window.

And I want that the footer of the table would be display at the end of the 7 cm of the window. Is that posible ?

Please, tomorrow we will have our kick off the module and this is the last issue we have.

Thanks in advance for your help.