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Jul 22, 2010 at 01:45 AM

ICR Process 2 - FBICR2 Reconciliation Display Omitting Records



I am have trouble getting all documents to be viewed in FBICR2 display

For example I post two documents and run FBICA2, the program correctly assigns the documents to the same document group numbers. I've checked this in the auxiliary programs (See screenshot here: ) and you can clearly see the line items are properly assigned to each other. There are also some unassigned documents so I should be able to view everything in the reconciliation display.

Now when I run FBICR2 only some of the assigned and unassigned documents appear. Only one set has been matched properly (pictured here: ) out the 13 that have DGN in the first screenshot, there are also a lot of unassigned documents not showing up. I am not sure why this is happening because in the first screenshot you can see that the documents are in the ledger and either assigned or unassigned.

There is also an error where Company 10 TP 20 appears twice with different data records included (see screenshot here: I think there is a problem with FBICR2 but want some input before I log a service ticket.

Are there any notes i should apply or settings I should check? The assignment rules, sets and object groups appear to be working fine, the issue seems to be in the FBICR2 display itself, showing only half a of reconciled row in the assigned document section, or not show a record in the IC recon ledger at all....

Please help.

Edited by: John Scime on Jul 22, 2010 3:47 AM