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Jul 21, 2010 at 11:30 PM

Apparent side effect of Integration API calls



While testing out the Integration API call to retrieve a user's profile (using "/v1/users//profile" rather than "/v1/profiles/", which doesn't appear to work), I noticed that the title kept coming up empty, no matter how many times I changed it. At first I thought it simply wasn't saving correctly, but when I would go back to viewing the profile in read-only mode, the title was there.

It was then that I noticed that performing just about any operation performed via the Integration API runs the risk of clearing the "Title" field (but only the "Title" field) for the account associated with the OAuth credentials used to make the request. Stranger yet, this only seems to happen when I use my Java code, rather than some other mechanism (e.g., the Firefox REST client). Is there any reason why a "GET" request for something like "v1/activities" would cause the Title field in the User object to be zeroed out?

Perhaps there's a logfile that someone on the StreamWork team could look at - if so, my Consumer Key is J5mqHCZx8qFSKnHmHrNk, if that will help track down the problem Requests.