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Jul 21, 2010 at 09:40 PM

MSS Approval Report Links to Busines Workflow Task in UWL


Hello All,

I have a scenario below that I'm hoping you can help.

I copied the standard business workflow task "TS31000007: CATS Approval by Supervisor" to create our own task (general task) and link the 'CatManagerApprove' application and '' package to this task in the Workflow Visualization Configuration.

We then assigned this new task to the time data entry profile for the portal. Once, employee released the working time, the task is created and send to the Universal Worklist.

The manager can then access the UWL and open this approve time workflow task. This task is open to the MSS Approval Report (similar to what appear under the MSS > Tasks > Approve Time by Manager).

However, I have copied the Approve Time by Manager to our own and changed some of the order of the column and header text and assigned to the MSS role.

I would like to have this CATS approval task open to the same approval report view/layout as in the MSS Approval Report.

I've tried to change the layout (column order) through portal contents of the standard MSS Approval Report because I thought it was reading from there, but it's not.

Does anyone know how this can be done or where to point to the MSS Approval Report on the portal.

Any help would be appreciated!