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Jul 21, 2010 at 06:09 PM

Secondary Method and Cancel and keep workitem in inbox


Hi All,

Below is what I am struggling with.

I have a workflow for incoming invoice.When the invoice is scanned a user decision will go to the AP processor with below options:

1. Do XXX

2. Do YYY

3. Cancel and end the process

4. Cancel and keep workitem in inbox.

I have a before secondary method to this user decision to display the scanned invoice image.In case of option 1 and 2 I have another dialog workitem which will open some SAP transactions for AP processors to create invoice in SAP and this dialog workitem has advance with dialog option set.This dialog workitem also has a after secondary method to close the window whiich has the scanned invoice opened during user decision and after option 3 also I have a background method which is also to close the open scanned invoice window.All this is working fine.

Now the new requirement is that when the AP processor clicks on option 4.Cancel and keep workitem in inbox,the scanned invoice window opened by before secondary method is not closing as there is no window closing method which will run after option 4. like in other three options.I have to achieve this with out disturbing other three options. Especially first 2 options as the AP processors want the scanned invoice to be open until they finish creating invoice in SAP.

As the option 4 is a default user decision option,I am not knowing how to control this option from workflow or how to close the open window after option 4.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.



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