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Jul 21, 2010 at 05:16 PM

Interface Issue



We are interfacing data from txt file to the ECC Unicode system.

In text file charecters are looks like KÏÂÕ 0,8ÌÌ ÏÐÎÇÐÀ×ÍÛÉ and same charectrers we are able to see in the document which posted by the interface.

However, when we upload same file in 46C Non unicode MDMP system, I can see these charectes to the equivalent Russian Charecters ПВХ 0,8ММ ПРОЗРАЧНЫЙ if I change my SAP GUI settings to Cyrillic.

Changing SAP GUI setting to Cyrillic in ECC is not possible as system is Unicode.

Is there any way by which charecters KÏÂÕ 0,8ÌÌ ÏÐÎÇÐÀ×ÍÛÉ will be converted to ПВХ 0,8ММ ПРОЗРАЧНЫЙ during interface of the file.