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Jul 21, 2010 at 04:15 PM

IDoc Async Invoice to cXML Sync Ariba Design



We need to design a solution to send the IDoc Invoice to Ariba cXML message.

We configured all Async, we did all the configuration in PI. When we send message to Ariba, it is always successful.But we are not able to see in the Ariba website.

When we tried to test it through the external http tool, It gives us the response back saying that It is not configured to receive that message.

The question here is not regarding configuring Ariba But to get the response back from them. Which it does all the time, but we are not able to receive it.Since we are using the Async scenario as IDoc is Async only, We are not able to get any response back in PI.

So My question here is, what would be the best design to get the response back ? I check in the SDN, looks like Integration process has to be defined with Async-Sync bridge.

What else can be a solution for us?

If only BPM is the solution, What are the things/steps we need to do in PI to acheive this?

And what would be the time/effort estimate to configure this scenario?

Appreciate your help.Thanks in advance.