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Feb 14, 2019 at 09:36 AM

iFrame embedded Landing page - How can I hand over the follow-up parameters from LP to iFrame


We have setup a SAP Marketing Landing page with a follow-up page. This landing page is inserted into an iFrame.
We now have the problem that the follow-up page can't be opend in the iFrame. In my opinion the information of the follow-up page should be handed over from the landing page to the iFrame. Unfortunatly this case is not in the setup documentation and we got now stuck. I hope somebody already have managed this successfully and could help us.

As an alternative it would be also ok to open the follow-up page in new tab. But this possibility is not foreseen in the Content studio. I just can enter an URL address. But maybe there could be also a trick.

We have an on-prem installation.