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SAP Lumira script not executed


I am working for one project but I saw one issue, we can say that we have two different things in this project:

1.we have some dashboards where they are connected to universes.

2. Some basics components like Text fields, where we calculated some information from universes (like percentages, average…).

For example:

var Resolts = RESOLTS_TANCATS.getData("", {"(MEASURES_DIMENSION)": "OBJ_7","OBJ_1": "(RESULT_MEMBER)" });

var ResoltsAnyAnterior = RESOLTS_TANCATS.getData("", {"(MEASURES_DIMENSION)": "OBJ_8","OBJ_1": "(RESULT_MEMBER)" });

TEXT_8.setText((Math.round(Resolts.value/ ResoltsAnyAnterior.value * 100)) +"%");

The problem is the second part, sometimes this code is not executed correctly, and for example if I assign this code to button, I need to click that button 2 times (is like that code execution is skipped). The strange thing is that sometimes is working but sometimes doesn’t.

Any idea??

Thank you in advance!

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