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Jul 21, 2010 at 11:10 AM

Installation of Dialog Instance (DI)


Hello gurus,

My main goal is install an ABAP Dialog Instance (DI) on a diferent host/server than the Central Instance (CI) is installed!

We have an ECC 6.0 ABAP + JAVA (ABAP is non-unicode) on Windows Server 2003 x64 with SQL Server 2008 and we need a dialog instance (application server) to distribute SAP workload! I know that is possible to install a dialog instance on the same physical server with database server where is already installed the central instance... but what we want is simple, is install it not in the same server but on separate machine/server. We already have the other server that will be for the dialog instance, this is a Windows Server 2003 but this is a x32 bits!! (Is there any problem with this? It´s possible install a dialog instance in x32 bits server?!)

Other question... before installation of dialog instance I have to install a database? or a client database which will comunicate with main database on central instance / server ? If so, I don´t know but it is possible to install a database client SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2003 that runs X32 bits ?? I guess not... only SQL versions 2000 / 2005 isn´t it?

So, when I read the installation guide of SAP ERP 6.0 SR3 I only find there a short reference to Dialog Instance Installation and that is in fact a very little reference to this process! For instance, in this guide there is a reference to a dialog instance installation such a MSCS landscape...:

You have to install at least one dialog instance for MSCS. You have the following options to install the dialog instance:

... but we don´t want install it in MSCS (cluester) because we don´t have a cluster configuration between this two windows servers and besides that we don´t want to have it!!

We only want install a Dialog Instance in an existing Central Instance between two windows servers in same network!

Can you help me to clarify this questions...?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,

João Dimas - Portugal