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Jul 21, 2010 at 07:33 AM

Error solutions of AUC settlement


I have a question about AUC management. If you know the solution, could you please tell me?Thank you in advance.


My client wants to manage the controlling area in the same way for all the group companies, so the controlling area currency is set 'EUR' only. As a result, the CO documents(WBS, cost center) need to have controlling area currency 'EUR' and company code currency'JPY'.(Becuase my client is in Japan).


While i want to release the project which is used for AUC settlement, errors happaned. The error said 'AUC requires an area in the controlling area curreny EUR. So I added one depreciaton area and set the area currency 'EUR' , then the error was solved.

But my cutomers don`t need this depreiciation area(they just need depreciation area set in JPY), and also i can`t just create an area only for solving this error.

Is there someone konw other solutions and please kindly tell me?

Thank you.