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Jul 20, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Link between transaction TPM60 and TPM1


Hello Treasury Experts,

Can you advise on this query please?

We are implementing the Treasury Transaction Manager component. We run transaction TPM60 to calculate the NPV of the Forward Transaction. We specify an Evaluation Type on the TPM60 entry screen. This Evaluation Type has been setup in the Market Risk Analyzer to call a Z function module which calculates the NPV in line with FAS157.

We then run transaction TPM1 to post the accounting documents. We would expect/want TPM1 to use the NPV values calculated in transaction TPM60. However TPM1 is not picking up the NPV value we have calculated in TPM60.

Can you advise why TPM1 is not posting the valuation calculated in transaction TPM60? What are the settings that must be made to ensure the value calculated in TPM60 is subsequently used in the TPM1 valuation postings?

If you need some further details please let me know.

Appreciate any guidance/help you can offer here.