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Jul 20, 2010 at 09:17 PM

Additional Actions



I have read all the threads on Additional Actions IT0302. I still have one query -

We have few actions which can be run on the same day and planning to use Additional Actions IT0302. I have activated IT0302 and in table T529A, have checked the box for U0302 for all personnel action types.

My question is whether all the personnel action types (even those which do not change the status) should have a checkmark for the box U0000 too? I mean can few actions be only set as additional actions if there is no status change.

IMG documentation mentions -

''Note that in the Actions infoytype (0000), only one personnel action type is saved per day. In this infotype, you only store the personnel action types that change the status of the employee.

Note that personnel action types that are only used to process several infotypes in an infogroup should not be stored in the Actions infotype (0000). SAP recommends that you log personnel action types such as these automatically using the Additional Actions infotype (0302).''

We have some actions which do not change the status (STAT2) like change in pay, job change etc. So should these actions be stored only in Additional Actions (0302) even if there is only one action carried on one day? I am confused, please let me know the standard practise.