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Jul 20, 2010 at 07:48 PM

Customer pricing procedure changed to Canada, still shows US


Dear experts, I need help.

I need to create a new pricing procedure for Canada (which I have done), and I assigned the procedure to the customers I want in XD02. So it now uses the procedure. I am not collecting CA tax so we have created a condition of z0 for 0%

The problem I see is my sales order is still picking US for the "Country" even when CA for Canada is in the ship to address. I need to know how to make it determine that CA is the country; not US.

Also, in customer master record xd02 under sales area data = > billing documents then Taxes, it only shows US and US tax categories. The system will not allow me to edit this and change it to CA. Why? How can I create this?

My ultimate goal is to allow billing document creation when the customer has a Canadian address. Our system currently was only set up with on pricing procedure, US, so it errored each time with invalid tax jurisdiction. So we need to allow the CA pricing procedure to be used but we don't want to charge or collect sales tax; only send the proper jurisdiction tax code to FI module.

Thanks experts! Will allot point for any helpful reply.