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Jul 20, 2010 at 04:59 PM

Basic Pay and 4 places of decimal.



Anybody using basic rate to 4 decimal places and if yes can you help me on expected behaviour ?.

I have it set up and it does work, but I am not entirely happy that the observed behaviour is correct.

I have set up my currency to 4 decimal places and have reflected this on table T510J.

My scenario

When setting up an info type 0008 record the rate to 4 decimal places defaults in with the correct currency code (EUR4), however any additional wage types I enter have the original currency of EUR and are to two decimal places. If I change the currency code on the bottom of the screen to EUR4 then all the lines on the screen default to EUR4.

The issue is that if I was defaulting a second wage type using indirect valuation i.e. shift allowance which is calculated as a percentage of basic rate then it is calculated to two decimal places and is out by a factor of 100 !!. If I change the currency to EUR4 it recalculates correctly.

The fact of having to override the currency code strikes me as being incorrect and could lead to mistakes at data entry.

Is this the normal behaviour or how does it work elsewhere ?