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Jul 20, 2010 at 03:24 PM

Stack update - procedure - sandbox and production systems.


This is the first SP update I've done since updating Solution Manager. I'm using MOPZ for the first time so still a little unsure of how it fits in.

I would like to update our Solution manager from stack 21 to stack 23. I've used MOPZ to start a maintenance transaction. I used did not use the option to have mopz calculate and download the files, but instead used it to go to the download site and select the files and put them in my download basket. Then I've downloaded them to our "staging" directory.

The question I have now regarding the Sandbox system. It isn't part of the landscape. Can I just use SPAM/SAINT and JSPM to implement the package updates? Mostly just want to do a run through on the sandbox.

On the production system... should I also use SPAM/SAINT and JSPM or is it such that I need to use MOPZ to impelment the updates? I don't have SLM configured.

Thanks 😉