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Jul 20, 2010 at 11:05 AM

UserObject is invalid?


Hi Everyone

I am struggling with a couple of issues and i hope you guys can help me out.

I have a problem when users log on to the Nakisa solution.

We are running Nakisa Succession Planning as an external 3rd party system and not the internal SAP EHP4 solution.

My problem is that when some users are logging into the Nakisa solution via the SAP portal using SSO, the last digit of their logon is missing and the users are therefore let into the system. They receive an error message called "Access denied, the user does not have any organizational unit responsabilities".

The issue only occurs for some users... The Logfile shows Error: Userobject is invalid.

Our loginconfiguration.xml file is setup with the remove from end and remove from start with following:

<assembly name="SapSso" />


<item name="RemoveFromEnd"><![CDATA[1]]></item>

<item name="RemoveFromStart"><![CDATA[8]]></item>

When i log on this matches the login credentials for a lot of users, but for some (whose credentials have the same lenght) the logon eats up the last letter.

Another question: i cannot increase or decrease the logging level in the Settingsressources.xml file. we have had the opportunity earlier but the code lines in the XML document is not there anymore.

I hop+e you guys can help me out.