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Jul 20, 2010 at 09:32 AM

Flex SWFLoader LocalConnection Click events problem



I'm experiencing a issue while trying to integrate a SWF movie with Flex for using it to create an AddOn for Xcelsius SDK. The idea is to create a Map Addon , just like the ones that are included with Xcelsius but with a custom map of the region where i live.

The swf communicates with Flex through a LocalConnection and sends a message each time a region has been clicked, Flex retrieves this event and copies a data row to another place in the Excel Spreadsheet, so other diagramms can feed themselves with this data and represent it or whatever.

This localconnection works just fine when i execute the Flex Project alone, but when i generate the Addon (using the AddOn packager), this stops working. I introduced a label to use as debug so each time a message from the swf file comes , Flex will write the message in this Label.

What i saw, and that is the strange part of this issue. is that this label is being Updated also in Xcelsius, because when i leave the Preview mode i can see on the edit window that the label has changed its text, but not during the Preview mode (it is where i need it to work)

I am using Xcelius SDK 2.0.1 Hotfix 3 , Flex Builder 2, Flash cs5 (tried with AS2, AS3 and exporting for multiple browser)

Has anybody experience the same issue?

Know somebody a howto, tutorial or sample of a Custom map in Xcelsius?

Where can i find good Documentation? (i have already the samples and tutorials from SAP)

Thanks in advance,