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Feb 13, 2019 at 12:36 PM

ADS Rendering


Hello all,

I'd like to use ADS to print PDF form for our production orders. Most of our forms are in sapscript yet. BUT...

We also print technical drawings for most of our production orders from another 3rd party system.

Sapscript program generates list of drawings which should be printed for a given PO and the list is then passed to the other system. Drawings are then sent with parsable cover list.

To be able to merge these two sources of printing jobs, we use a system which is accepting through virtual printers both kinds of printing jobs, which are in PCL+PJL, parses text information in PCL and merges all jobs for one PO including drawings to one print job, which is then sent to the printer.

And here comes the question. The form from ADS is rendered as graphics in PCL and does not contain any text information about its PO number. Is it possible to switch the rendering on ADS system to something else then graphics (native pcl)? As is possible in acrobat reader?

Or even better to inject some PJL with PO number to the job from ADS?

Thank you.