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Jul 20, 2010 at 02:30 AM

Rule to create actual worked days in a month


Hi Friends

I have a situation here. I have created a wage type 5000 to get the actual worked days in a month and I have written a rule as well. Please find the rule below

ZD10 Calculate worked days




NUM*8 Multiplication

NUM-E /846 Subtraction

NUM-E /845 Subtraction

NUM/8 Division

ADDWTE5000 RT Results table

I am checking the working days in a month and multiplying the same with 8 as the Total paid non-work(/845) and Total unpaid absences(/846) are formed in hours. This is perfectly working for me , but the problem is occurring when any retro happens, for eg: an employee had unpaid leave for the previous month and we updated the same and performed the payroll run for the current month. The system is creating wage type 5000 with the actual working days for that period and the remaining its showing for the current period.

Please find the scenario below

In April, an employee had unpaid leave for 8 days and this was updated later during the current month payroll, so when we process the payroll, the retro is checking for the working days (25 days) and deducting 8 days which is absolutely right and shows 17 days for the month of April(Retro).

For the month of May, there are 26 working days, but the wage type 5000 is created with only 9 days. This is wrong. We would like to have the wage type created with 26 days as there are no unpaid absence or paid working days in that month.

Friends please help.