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Jul 19, 2010 at 11:28 PM

Routine for logical system to system id conversion (SRM)


Hi! For some reasons, I do not get the BC for the datasource 0SRM_TD_PO. As such, I have to create infopackage and transformations manually to get the data in.

In general, I have

- Infopackage for the DS

- Transformation from DS to the infosource 0SRM_TD_PO

- Transformation from the infosource 0SRM_TD_PO to ODS 0SRPO_D1

I initially encountered problem with the last transformation. This is due to the logical system id assigned to various fields such as 0BBP_SYS_FI, 0BBP_SYS_BE. The source field is the full 10-digit logical system id but the target field is a 2-digit system id assigned in BI. Because of this, I have hardcoded with the 2-digit system id to test the transformation and it worked.

In the longer term, I think a routine should be written to do the conversion. I am wondering whether anyone has a copy of the code, especially if you have got it as a standard from the business content?

Appreciate any help on this.