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Jul 19, 2010 at 08:47 PM

What is the identifier that appears in the "Location/Device" column


What is the identifier that appears in the "Location/Device" column of the Backup Media pane of the MaxDB Database Manager?

From what I've learned so far, backup target locations on disk or tape, must be defined by a "Backup Media" entry in MaxDB. The system requires the backup media definition so that it knows where and how to write database/log backup files. So, my initial thought was that the identifier appearing in the "Location/Device" column of the Backup Media pane (SDB_COM, for example) is a pointer to a structure that contains backup media information.

However, the "Properties" dialog box (right click over the identifier in the Backup Media pane and select properties) seems to be missing some very important information, such as the path to the target backup location!

I've searched all over for an explanation as have some of my co-workers and none of us have found anything resembling an explanation. Is this identifier really a point to a structure containing backup media information? How does this structure get created? How do you edit it? How do you delete it? Is it even necessary to do backups/restores?

I have recently been assigned responsibility for MaxDB at my company and have no prior knowledge of it, so please excuse me if everyone on the planet knows what this is and how to use it but me. I've ordered the SAP MaxDB Administration book but it has not yet arrived. Any help in the interim would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Bezanson