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Jul 19, 2010 at 05:17 PM

The business transaction cannot be carried out. Message no. V1131



We are getting this error Message no. V1131, The business transaction cannot be carried out, when we are canceling an invoice by the transaction VF11. The invoice was billed a year ago but we need to cancel however the FI document is not created correctly. We donu2019t really know where the problem is because in the description say:

You cannot set the status in the sales document because of the current

condition of the sales order. For example, you cannot complete the document until all corresponding deliveries have been invoiced.

The sales order doesnu2019t have deliveries so It doesn´t make sense this error here. I have tested it with other examples exactly the same and everything works ok so it seems an error in only this sales order. I have executed these two reports (SDVBUK00, ZZFKREL0) to update the customizing and the status but the error still the same.

Thank you and best regards.