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Jul 19, 2010 at 03:31 PM

CCMSPING no mail alerts



We have solman 7.0 EHP1 /oracle on HP-UX.

I have configured CCMS and email alerts.

recently we installed CCMSPING agents in all the satellite systems and configured in RZ20.

I am able to see CCMSPING collect the data from satellite systems and display in nodes of availability & performance.

I configured CCMS_Mail_alert methods to those nodes.

I am able to receive mails for other alerts like, buffer full and file systems full.

We shut down the QA systems for backup at nights, so i should have received emails saying that system is not available.

But i didnt get any mail.

The thresholds i have maintained for the node Instance Availability are

Change from GREEN to YELLOW 90 %

Change from YELLOW to RED 85 %

Reset from RED to YELLOW 89 %

Reset from YELLOW to GREEN 91 %

I also configured the node Dialog Response Time for which i am not getting any mails, even if the alert is RED.

The thresholds are

Change from GREEN to YELLOW 1.500 msec

Change from YELLOW to RED 2.500 msec

Reset from RED to YELLOW 2.200 msec

8Reset from YELLOW to GREEN 1.200 msec*

Pls help me solve this problem.