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Jul 19, 2010 at 10:30 AM

BRF - iterators, collections, recursiveness



We have done an implementation of a project where we used BRF (BRFplus not yet release internally for us).

BRF worked just fine but we need to do a phase two which seems to be a bit more complex. What I'm interested in is whether people have used BRF in a bit more advanced way implementing operations on collection of items, doing any sort of recursive operations etc.

The main reason for asking is that I need to design an operation where I will be able to find out if among a collection of items there is at least one of certain type. The main difficulty is that the type can only be derived at run time - so the first operation would need to be mapping of all items into respective type. If not that then iterate on all items and finding out if there is a specific type among them.

Help or insight into the above will be much appreciated.