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Feb 11, 2019 at 09:04 PM

ADJUSTEDDEMAND Not being Planned by Supply Heuristic

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Hi -

We are trying to use ADJUSTEDDEMAND key figure as demand for supply planning heuristic with no shortages. If ADJUSTEDDEMAND is used in first time bucket, after S&OP operator execution net demand for finished and dependent demand for semifinished materials are calculated correctly, but in subsequent time period if we enter another ADJUSTEDDEMAND quantity which is less than or equal to first time period adjusted demand, the system is not calculating any net demand for finished product.

If adjusted demand quantity is more than previous time period quantity, net demand is difference of these two and

dependent demand is calculated based on this net demand for finished product.

Heuristic Configuration:

Step 1) Enter Adjusted demand for 3 time bucket before running the heuristic.

Step 2) Run the heuristics

Step 3 ) After run planning situation will look like below

As seen the screenshot above, when adjusted demand is entered in T11-Feb19 time bucket heuristic considered the net demand as 100 and calculated the dependent quantities as expected.

When adjusted demand of 100 is entered in T01-Mar19 bucket , heuristic did not calculate any net demand or dependent demand for this quantity.

When adjusted demand of 150 is entered in T04-Mar19 bucket , heuristic calculated net demand as 50 (150 -100 ) and calculated the plan as per 50. Our expectation is system should plan for Adjusted demand 100 and 150 separately without considering what was adjusted demand in previous week bucket.

We would like to understand the reason behind this system behavior.

Has anyone else see this happen with the supply planning heuristic and ADJUSTEDDEMAND key figure as the demand input?