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Feb 11, 2019 at 03:44 PM

Relation exist between FI tax procedure and MM pricing procedure



Created the the PO, tax code I2 is determined automatically based on the tax indicator maintained in the Article master ( Condition type MWVS maintained 5% through MEK1)

We have taxcode I2, which also showing MWVS 5% in Tax procedure, , use changed the tax code in PO to I1, Here Taxes tab is changing to 0% but in conditions , the value is still showing 5% in PO Pricing.If we are changing tax code in front end, that change is not reflecting in MM pricing procedure.

We thought off add JEXS condition in PO Pricing to copy the tax value in PO, But its taken all the ( Ded and Non Deductible value ) Value , ( The tax procedure in not from india, it's outside)

is their any routine we can achieve this