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Jul 19, 2010 at 06:55 AM

TimedTrigger does not work after opening a popup on version 7.11


Hi experts,

In my application, there are 2 Windows (W_MAIN, W_POPUP) and 2 Views (V_MAIN, V_POPUP). I put TimedTrigger component to the first view, it is used for refreshing page automatically. W_POPUP and V_POPUP are used for opening popup.

The TimedTrigger works well on V_MAIN, but it does NOT work any more after the popup is used (opened and closed). The TimedTrigger just works again when the browser is refreshed.

The problem happens on Netweaver PI version 7.11 only, on version 7.1 is OK

Please give me your advice on it.

Thank you,

Ken Nguyen.

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