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Calculate FREIGHT charges using AVG formula concept

Dear SAP,

I want inventories the storage charges in STO itself. Example, STO 5000 MT. First, delivery 2500 MT and remaining storage 2500MT at Depot. Here, the cleaning activity has done. Second delivery, 2000 MT and remaining storage 500 MT at depot. Her, cleaning activity has done. Third delivery, 500 MT and STO has been completed

Here, I need to take Average of storage Qty at Depo then multiply by Rs 8. Therefore, Average Qty 1500 * 8 = 12000

How, will inventories this amount while doing STO itself

Please suggest

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 11, 2019 at 07:13 AM

    What is your STO Cycle?

    as the billing is normal in both scenarios-Please use Pricing procedure at billing level and add this freight value as a condition type with some custom routine(with the way you want the system to calculate)


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    • Hi Thanks for your reply,

      At GRN and Billing time FREIGHT value would have change to vary.

      If mentioned fixed value while creating STO , (Example : Rs 50000). While GRN time of 50000 has inventoried.

      In IV we can adjust the actual.Ex Rs 400000.

      But how to change GRN inventoried value