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Jul 16, 2010 at 08:58 PM

How to code a dynamic multi select prompt in a universe derived table?


Has anyone coded a dynamic multi-select prompt within the SQL of a derived table in the universe?

The values of the prompt should be populated from a database table making it a dynamic prompt u2013 not static as in hardcoding the values.

I have coded a multi-select prompt outside the derived table in a filter. This does work and displays properly in a multi-select drop down with code and description. However, in my case, the result of this is bad performance u2013 execution time is 6 minutes when it should be 3 seconds.

Bottom line here is I need a dynamic multi select prompt inside the SQL of the derived table. Is this possible?

I canu2019t find much from google or SAP forums on this specific question.

Google resources Iu2019ve checked out