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Former Member
Jul 16, 2010 at 02:30 PM

How to skip_record in tranformations after checking all datafields?


Hello SAP BW Experts,

I need your help.

I would like to check all fields of a record in the transfer rule to fulfill the plausibility. I want to do it in the transfer rule separately 1:1 for every field.

In the case that some plausibility checks fails the record should transferred into the error stack with error messages for all failed checks.

For all record fields which not fulfill the plausibility requirements the exception 'skip record' (raise exception type CX_RSROUT_SKIP_RECORD) should raise just once.

So, the error stack is filled with one record with all of his wrong fields.

I want to avoid the problem, that the error handling in the transformation rule just checks one field of the record. Then, raise the 'skip record' and do not check the other fields of the record anymore.

The question is how to raise the exception type CX_RSROUT_SKIP_RECORD at the end of processing all transfer rules to fill the error stack, because the exception is not available in the start and end routine.

Kind regards, Stephan