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how to restrict storage location in va01 and va02?

Dec 02, 2016 at 10:13 AM


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Hi all,

I want to know how to restrict storage location in va01 and va02 in include mv45afzz.

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Question is not clear, Restrict means what, While adding or While selecting from F4_help


while selecting from f4 help


Try to find the Enhancement point, then Delete the storage locations From the internal table.


I'm also quite confused why do you even have storage location in VA01/VA02. Wouldn't it be determined in the delivery? Wouldn't you have some kind of picking strategy in place?

Picking a storage location should not even be a sales rep's task IMHO. Unless I'm missing something.


One possible reason to have storage location entered during sales order creation, can be performing ATP A for a specific storage location (we had this case in a previous project for a certain type of materials, but we populated the storage location without asking the user to do that - it is too risky to rely on sales reps to remember this, especially on mobile devices).

To the OP: instead of thinking how to restrict the values in F4 help, ask the functional consultant to discuss with the users if it is possible to populate storage location based on certain business rules.


OK, thanks for clarification. I agree, pre-filling the value would makes more sense.

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1 Answer

Raymond Giuseppi
Dec 05, 2016 at 08:57 AM

Usual enhancement for search help are in forms GET_VALUES_SH (search help) and GET_VALUES_FV (domain values) of function group SDSD.


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