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Jul 16, 2010 at 09:24 AM

Account assignment check for non-direct material in shopping cart creation


Hello Guru's

i'm very new to SRM please help me

We require all non-direct material shopping carts to be ordered with a valid account assignment. Therefore we implemented BADi ZUB2MB_DP_PROD_CHK to suppress the u201COrder as Direct Materialu201D Button. This button allows any order to be placed without account assignment like a direct material.

We started ordering direct materials in SRM at go-live with a cost center, but when they were received, SAP considered them consumed due to the account assignment and did not place them into QA Inspection or assign a batch. We immediately, switched back to SAP for direct materials.

We need a solution that will require all non direct material shopping carts to have account assignments, while allowing direct materials to be ordered with or without account assignments. All while keeping the current checks in place regarding the mixing of account assignments, Z required for TBI catalogs, etc.

please tell me how to write the logic in the DOC_CHEK_BADI to check weather account assignment is made for non-direct material while creating a shopping cart.

thanks in advance....