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Feb 13, 2019 at 11:16 AM

Differentiate between scanner input and keyboard input


Material for example with 50 quantity, barcode is generated with one quantity and printed to paste on the cartons. In this scenario, 50 barcode will be generated each for a material carton. User instead of going to the shopfloor, takes the printout of barcode, scan only one barcode and enter the same data manually for the remaining 49 barcode.

We want to restrict the manual entry to input fields, so that only scanner is used as the input device for the data.

Technical Overview :- A module pool screen is created with input fields - Material, Quantity, Batch and Date. In these input fields data will come by scanning the barcode to process the functionalities further. But, user is able to manually enter the data into fields which has negative impact on business. I want to restrict the input through keyboard, please provide the solution which can either differentiate between the source of input or a way in module pool that takes data only through handheld scanner.