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Feb 12, 2019 at 03:24 PM

A question about BDC for KP26


Hi guys, how are you?

I had to do an BDC for KP26 in order to do a mass load through an excel file, and I know that BDC is not the better solution here, but I'm trying to figure it out how the BAPI_ACT_PRICE_CHECK_AND_POST works, so meanwhile I have to use the BDC approach.

The BDC works fine in my laptop and works fine in other laptops but in a few it don't. When some user executes the program, he gots the mesage that the batch input data for dynpro SAPLKPP0 1000 does not exists.

I thought, maybe it's could be some roles or profile problem, but there is nothing in SU53 and the user runs the program in my laptot using his credentials and the program works fine.

So there is something wieard here, because, I thought it could be a version of SAP GUI, but its not the case, those laptops in that the program won't work has the same SP level than mine.

Have you ever seen something like this happen, either with this transaction or with another?

I appreciate any help.

Best regards,

Ronaldo S. Vieira