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Jul 15, 2010 at 12:29 PM

Doubts Bex Broadcaster


Good afternoon Gurus

I have several doubts about the operation of the tool BW (Bex broadcaster).

1) When I try to plan the implementation of a workbook on a specific date and time and send the workbook via e-mail, this does not work .. I do not get anything in the mail. Not if I have to configure the tool more Any suggestions?

2) If I want to send the workbook to 2 users with different autority.El 1 user has authorization to channel = BT and 2nd user of the chanel = NI and BT. "The tool that makes to this? Only need to put in the parameterization of users to whom they want to reach them according to the report and authorizations can be seen with some data or otherwise, or I have to configure anything else in the Broadcaster.?

3) The workbook I want you to reach users in excel format, but from what I have seen when I make an online enforcement in unplanned, the user will get many files. Xls according authorizations have.

For example: If the user only has authorization to two profit centers, and the report is broken down by this feature, the latter will come two excel files for each of the profit center.

How could you do to reach only a single file with all information unified?

A greeting and thanks