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Jul 15, 2010 at 11:48 AM

Process to follow if Lean Warehouse is assigned to Plant / Storage Location


Dear Gurus,

Once a Lean Warehouse is assigned to the Plant / Storage Location combination, what extra processes have to be followed (as compared to without LWM assignment) in SD and if possible in MM?

In SD, without LWM - VA01, VL01n (Pick Qty - PGI), VF01

In SD with LWM - VA01, VL01n (Pick Qty), LT03 (PGI), VF01 (or any thing else?)

My understanding is, if company has full WM with all the procedures and some branch where only a few activities takes place, maybe there we can have LWM with very few T Codes to complete GRs and GIs.

But at our client's place there is no WM, just LWM, so what do they want to achieve with this? I just want to know the reasons why onlyLWM is implemented without WM.

Thanks and regards

Venkat - Hyd