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Jul 15, 2010 at 07:07 AM

Dump file created while creating Sales Order


Hello Experts,

My Client is working on SAP 2005B PL 40 , during power fluctuation SAP was shut down abnormally while

creating Sales order. Now when we create Sales order dump file is created and B1 shuts down

We tried following to make it stable

1. We restored the back up day before it happened.

2. Deleted the log file and temp file.

3. Reinstalled Client set up.

4. Overide the Sql 2005 set up.

But still it is creating dump file while creating sales order, in rest of the company it works fine.

My client don't want to move to 2007 B or later version , since there add-on is build in 2005 B and they dont have source code for it to make it work on later version. They have to first stabilze 2005 b then they will move to 2007b or later version.

Please Suggest

Quick reply will be helpful.