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Setting up Security in Universe


I am quite new to SAP Business Objects and having trouble with setting up security in Universe

I want to create Restriction on a dimension 'Country'.

For e.g if Person X belongs to 'USA', he should be seeing the value 'USA' only in the Country Dimension

and if Person Y belongs to 'FRANCE' he should be seeing the Value 'FRANCE' only.

This is because, there will be only one Revenue Report (web intelligence) and based on security, the designated person will be able to see the report for the country in which he belongs.

Similarly, someone in management level will be able to see all Countries.

Note that, Country Dimension will be in the Filter part of a Web Intelligence report.

I have done the following settings and not able to get the desired results.

1. Created a Restriction USA in the Universe

2. In the Rows Tab, added a where clause ' TableName.Country = 'USA'

3. Mapped the User X (AD user added in CMC) to the Restriction USA.

The user still sees all the country in the WebI Report.

Any help will be appreciated.

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jul 19, 2010 at 09:02 AM

    Hello Srikanth,

    what did you do after you set the security restriction?

    - did you save and export the Universe back to the CMS?

    - did the user just refreshed an existing report?

    - did the user took an existing report clicked the 'Edit query' button then re-run the query?

    - did the user create a new report on the Universe?

    I think that you have to have the query re-written for the change to take effect.

    Best regards


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      > Simon, Thanks for your input. I am not clear on how to handle security at datamart level.

      > For e.g. should we have another table where you map users to countries?

      > If that's the case, I am more inclined towards having security at universe level, as it makes it simpler for me.

      Hi Vikas, it really depends on how your organizational hierarchy is set up. If country is part of the organizational hierarchy, you can add it to your security table instead of adding another table. In our case, we have 3000+ stores that are divided up under this hierarchy....division, region, district, store. Different country is being differentiated by different division. Each user in the security table has an org type to tell me whether he or she is at the store level or at the district level and so on. Each user also has an org name that tells me his or her store number or district number and so on.

      I've found it very easy to maintain because I can run SQL query instead of doing it in dialog boxes. It also means that I can set things up programmatically...something you cannot do in the Designer without using SDK. And with 20,000+ users, you want to do it programmatically. But of course, it works only if you have a well-defined organizational hierarchy.

      Just to throw another wrinkle to this issue: SAP is completely redesigning the semantic layer in XI 4.0. All the previous universe designer functions will be in a new tool called Information Design Tool. Whether they will continue to support row level security is up in the air. They may or they may not as we don't know at this time. Even if they do, how much of the old set up will migrate smoothly to the new architecture is yet another unknown. Therefore, in my humble opinion, if it is not something that has already been built previously, I will try to make the universe as "migrate-friendly" as possible. But of course, you and your management have to make that call. 😊

      Hope this helps.


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    Posted on Jul 15, 2010 at 01:30 PM

    There are different ways to handle data security. Some people like to use the Row Level Security feature in the Universe Designer. But I prefer to manage data security in the data mart where it belongs. All you have to do is to set up a security table and organizational hierarchy table to handle this. I have written a blog on SCN this week to talk about my recent upgrade from XIR2 to XI 3.1. In that blog, I have described in more details this concept of managing data security in the data mart. You might want to read it first and see if it makes sense and if it satisfies your need.

    The title of my blog is "Real World BI Stories: Upgrade or Else".


    If you are using the BusinessObjects tool, you should join [ASUG|]

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