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Dec 02, 2016 at 08:58 AM

Problem with assignment of demand operations with relationship to TEAM in SAP MRS

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Dear MRS Experts,

I’m facing an issue with assignment of demand, requiring more than one resource. In my scenario, demand is PM work order, having multiple operations and each operation need 2 persons to work.

Now these three operations have relationship (e.g. SS or SF) maintained among these.

As per SAP recommendation for handling multiple operation resources, I’ve created three separated ‘TEAMS’ with two resources each for these three work centers e.g. TEAM1, TEAM2, TEAM3. But since in case of ‘Teams’, normal “Automatic assignment creation” option (available on planning board does not work. Hence we’re doing with “Multi day assignment”.

Problem -

Here the issue is coming while doing the assignment via multiday Auto assignment. In standard, Multiday assignment does not support the relationships among operations; hence I’m not getting the correct resource and demand mapping with this.

Does anyone have any idea if there’s any enhancement/BADI available , so that demand with relationships can be assigned correctly to right resources ?? Or any other recommended solution for this?

Your replies would be much appreciated...


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