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Standard message modification and turning it off.

Hi all,

I would like to ask about 2 below messages. Is it possible to modify the message text for these messages and also switch them off in some cases based on logic?

1) Message class V1, Message number 613;
2) Message class AG, Message number 005.

Please let me know if you need additional information.

BR, Kristaps

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  • "Item & from the configuration can no longer be automatically deleted"

    "Project item number not specified in a requirement"

    While this could be changed to a completely different text for some hilarious effect, I fail to understand under what condition would someone want to do this in SAP?

    As far as "switch off" - again, why? If a message occurs wouldn't you think there is a good reason? Suppressing standard messages by brutal force could be rather dangerous. Would you also remove a seat belt from a car? It is totally possible.

    You might want to explain what you are trying to achieve exactly.

  • Hi Jelena,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Regarding message: "Item & from the configuration can no longer be automatically deleted" Standard message gives item number in SO. But I would like to give additional information to user with this message, that this item in message could not be deleted and show related PO order item number, so user could easier check. Is it somehow possible to modify this message by following SAP standards?

    And about switching this message off, here is my scenario: When configuration tries to delete SO item automatically (after it is deleted from BOM) and checks that there is PO item already for SO item, system displays above message, that item could not be deleted. Even if the item is deleted from PO, system not allow to delete it from SO, because in PO there is still Sales Order reference in Account Assignment tab. So we implemented scenario that if item is deleted from SO and also BOM, after configuration screen, system sets Reason for rejection for item in question. In these cases we would like to avoid above message.

    So, please let me know your opinion here, and ask if you need additional information or some clarification.

    BR, Kristaps

  • You can try bringing the case to the SAP Support (by opening an incident) that for the third party (I assume) orders the message is not explanatory enough. You can also add your own message that would be displayed in addition to the standard one.

    Apart from the customizable messages (V4 class) there is no way to alter the standard SAP messages without a modification of the SAP standard objects. And the latter is not recommended in general, especially in rather "cosmetic" cases like this one.

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1 Answer

  • Dec 02, 2016 at 10:35 AM
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    • Now that you read the documentation, how can that work?

      • Modify the message in T100 as a persistent modification affecting all users or using ABAP code to do it on the fly?
      • Modify the ABAP code where the message is sent to suppress the MESSAGE statement or call another message?

      I don't see other possibilities.