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Former Member
Jul 14, 2010 at 09:47 PM

adding compounding infoobject to an infoobject with an existing one


We have a characteristics infoobject ( A) with compounding infoobject (B) The data is loaded via PC file into the infoobject A and its attribute B and since it is compounding it creates the uniqueness of the data.Plan is to add another field to the PC file as another key. I know if we add another infoobject as compounding infoobject (C) and populate it via PC file it will make it unique . Problem we have many DSOs and InfoCubes attached to use the infoobject (A) and adding another compounding infoobject (C) means delete and reload. Is there any way to add this third key without having to touch all this data ?

sap 7x